Digital Transformation

In Aerospace Industry

Business Need

Global Aerospace company Head quartered in Singapore implementing digital transformation across the company which include their complete business functions, operations and Engineering to enhance their Productivity and improve the cost efficiency.


Manual process across their various departments and business floors slowing down the entry of their customer aircrafts to bring into their shop floor for repair and overhaul. Impacting their customer satisfaction as well as their productivity.

Solution Offered

Developed a System that can accommodate multiple departments such as Sales, Engineering, Operations and Finance to interact seamlessly and to integrate their existing process starting from entry of their customer Aircrafts all the way to complete the billing process at their Finance Department. System integrated into Single Sign On (SSO) and build such a way that the process is replicated and users doesn’t need any special training to go through the new system. Users can use different devices such as desktop, mobile, tablet to access the system without any special software installations. Achieved highest customer satisfaction levels using the new system and adopted more such digital transformation projects in successful implementation of one project.

Technology Stack

Java Full stack and My SQL

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