e- Learning applications


e- Learning applications


  • A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

  • Our LMS solution comes with enhancements, customizations and configurations to deliver a powerful, scalable and secure system, which will work as the web-based learning management system for the customer.

  • Embark on an intuitive E-learning with a full-featured LMS that supports the most demanding training needs of your institution. Our solution is an LMS that can become the backbone of any comprehensive VLE (Virtual Learning Environment with enhancement, customizations, and configurations to deliver a powerful scalable, a secure system. Cover all your training needs with an institutive, affordable, cloud LMS.

LMS is the backbone of the comprehensive VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) and can be used:

  • As the central content repository and gateway to the digital learning assets

  • To manage and provide access to eLearning modules

  • To create and assign interactive assessments

  • To upload audio & video files, documents such as PPTs and PDFs for the learners

  • Will be offering SaaS models as per customer Operational Cost model to avoid heavy capital investments


  • Virtual Lab is a Cloud based Solution providing the students and teachers capability to perform labs, store results, evaluate the work and grade the work, at their convenience on their own devices at their choice of location and time.

  • Empower Teachers and Students to improve the learning process without costly infrastructure investment. I-Labs, a Secure Cloud-based virtual Lab Environment Solution that runs on cutting edge Learning Management Solutions provides students and teachers the capability to perform labs, store results, evaluate assignments and grade the work, anytime and anywhere.


Virtual Lab is essential for the following reasons:

  • Being Cloud Based offering, it releases the infrastructure investments to the Schools

  • Allows easy scaling up and down of infrastructure based on the demand

  • Ensures easy and limited effort changeover of software and other environmental requirements as and when the need changes

  • Sharing of the Lab facilities by group of students without compromising on the individual work or privacy

  • Allows for choice of location, device, and time for the student to perform the experiments

  • Provides capability to the teacher similarly to create, schedule, allocate, monitor, and grade student assignments and work.

  • Removes the wastage of time, investments and allows for re-allocation of precious time of faculty and investments into the research as well as industry projects on one hand and student facilitation on the other.

  • Attracts industry participation due to the virtual platform availability and hence real time or near real time projects can be provided to students.

  • Attracts increased numbers of students because of the increased quality and currency of the labs.

  • Faculty benefits by way of increased time availability to engage in better research opportunities, industry involvement by usage of the platform.

  • I-Labs also can be branded with the School name and logo.

  • Will be offering SaaS models as per customer Operational Cost model to avoid heavy capital investments.

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